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Kyle Kuzma Was Caught Tweeting During Live Game Against Bulls


The Lakers pulled out a win against the Bulls on Tuesday, but nobody is really impressed. Per usual, the team looked largely inconsistent and their defense did not do much in terms of getting stops.

Despite the win, there are still some very glaring problems with the club... one of which might involve too much time on social media.

During halftime, Kyle Kuzma (who finished the game with 16 points and 12 rebounds on 40% shooting) sent out a very pointless and random tweet, and the fans are giving him a lot of heat right now.


This could very much be a result of hacking, as it just doesn't make much sense to tweet that during the halftime of a game.

It was taken down, and Kuzma has yet to speak on the subject, we'll probably never hear his side of the story. Still, in the midst of their worst stretch of the season, this is not the look the Lakers want to portray.

With a 24-21 record, and an 8th place standing in the West, Kyle Kuzma should have no time to be on Twitter, especially during the middle of a game.