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Kyle Lowry Speaks Out On Being Called "Thicc": "It Used To Bother Me A Lot... Now I Don't Care."

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Kyle Lowry is the starting point guard for the Miami Heat, and a former All-Star during his time with the Toronto Raptors. He is well-known for being a solid point guard who excels at shooting, playmaking, and defense. Last season with the Miami Heat, Kyle Lowry put up 13.4 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 7.5 APG.

During his career, Kyle Lowry was never really regarded as a super athletic guard, and he has often gotten the "thicc" label from fans due to the way that he is built. On a recent episode of The Vince Carter Show, Kyle Lowry revealed that being called "thicc" used to bother him but added that he doesn't care about it now, saying that being built like he that has "been good" for him.

“It used to bother me a lot. It used to get to me. It used to really get to me, I’m gonna be honest with you. And now, I don’t care. I'm in my office right now and I'm just going to be a little bit cocky. For me a man that's never been crazy athletic, "thicc", whatever... I'm looking at all-time steals... couple All-Star rings...couple All-Star basketballs.

“Yeah, yeah, thicc’s been good for me. eah, I’m cool with it. … Y’all can create all the memes y’all want. I embrace it. I love it.”

There is no doubt that it's good to hear that Kyle Lowry has accepted that label. It is clear that he has made a good career for himself, and Lowry notably was the starting point guard and an All-Star during the Toronto Raptors' 2018-19 championship season.

The Miami Heat did not manage to win the championship this year, being eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals. Hopefully, we see Kyle Lowry play at a high level next year, help them get back to the NBA Finals, and potentially get himself his second championship.