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Kyle Lowry Wants To Fight Aaron Gordon: '836 Is My Room Number'


So far, the NBA bubble environment has been pretty good between NBA players and teams. In fact, the Houston Rockets went as far as to share the secret on how to beat the Milwaukee Bucks with the Brooklyn Nets.

However, it was just a matter of time before things got heated between two playoffs teams and that's exactly what happened between the Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors when they faced off Wednesday afternoon.

Kyle Lowry and Aaron Gordon almost got physical after a hard, borderline dirty foul by Lowry on Gordon, which forced the power forward to leave the hardwood.

But, according to some recent footage, it looks like Lowry's foul was some kind of retaliation after both have exchanged some harsh words. In fact, the Raptors' point guard even told Gordon his room number to continue their fight after the game. "836 is my room number," Lowry told Gordon, and I'm assuming it wasn't an invitation to watch film on how to stop Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Things tend to get physical and heated during the playoffs and this bubble is playoff basketball already. Even so, a league veteran like Lowry should no better than to try and pick a fight with a young player, especially in the context of social distancing and all the rules the NBA has established to keep the players safe.

Lowry's likely going to get fined for his words towards Gordon, whose injury seems minor, luckily. However, we're not expecting either of these guys to bury the hatchet and let things go when (if) they face in the playoffs, as the Magic are the Raptors' most likely rival in the first round.