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Kyrie Irving Acknowledged He Sees Knicks As Respectable Organization

Kyrie Irving

Every year the Knicks try to put themselves in position to strike it big in free agency, only to be continually let down. Even after creating over $70 million in cap space for this summer, why are we to believe any different now?

The team has always made questionable decisions, has been run by an owner that doesn't seem to care about the product he puts out, and is just a few days removed from literally trading away their best player for cap space.

Even so, it seems unlikely that the Knicks are making these moves on a whim. They have some really big expectations this summer, likely involving Kyrie Irving, whose status with the Knicks has suspiciously changed at around the same time they dealt Porzingis. In fact, on Saturday, the All-Star guard even admitted that he sees what they're doing, and he respects the organization.

Respect isn't something this Knicks basketball regime gets very often. Not with the amount of losing they do these days.

So for Kyrie to come out in their defense, knowing all the rumors that are tying him to the franchise, is huge. They are making moves for him, and he knows it. Whether or not the Knicks will end up with Irving is another thing altogether, but (at this point) the notion certainly doesn't seem very far fetched.