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Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant Shooting At Nets Facility: “Scary Hours”

Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant Shooting At Nets Facility: “Scary Hours”

Kyrie Irving was at the center of one of the NBA's biggest sagas during this off-season, with his anti-vaccination stance seeing him disallowed from playing for the Brooklyn Nets. The organization had chosen to completely cut Kyrie out instead of letting him play games outside of New York, where he would be eligible. 

However, with Covid-19 running rampant through the league once again and teams needing all the reinforcements they can get, Irving was asked to rejoin the Nets team and play in the games that he is allowed to this season. 

After his initial return, Kyrie tested positive for Covid-19 and was in the league's health and safety protocols before he was cleared to play on December 28th. Now it seems the former All-Star has joined the Nets in training as he prepares to make his return. His teammates are excited about it too, with Kevin Durant aggressively shutting down a reporter that questioned what Kyrie could do for the Nets.

A video of Irving training with Kevin Durant and getting shots up at the Nets' training facility has now emerged, shared by the Brooklyn Nets (via Nets Videos on Twitter).

Kyrie last featured for the Nets in their 7-game Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2020-21 season's playoffs. He has been out through injury and then due to his vaccination stance. 

Irving had spoken earlier that he has stayed in shape to make his return to basketball by playing in pick-up games in high school gyms and wherever else he could. It will obviously take him some time to get completely ready for high-level basketball again, but he is likely to play early in 2022. 

The Nets could really use their 3rd star, as they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night despite getting 33 points from both Kevin Durant and James Harden during the game. They couldn't get the job done in the 4th in what was a close game and eventually lost 110-102.