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Kyrie Irving And Marcus Smart Disagree, Confirming Celtics Are Not On The Same Page

Kyrie Irving

No doubt, this is not the kind of season Boston pictured before opening tip-off in October.

After a miracle run to the Eastern Conference Finals, sans Kyrie and Gordon Hayward, the Celtics were expected to be the East's newest monster and the biggest threat to the Warriors. Reality has had something else in mind though, and Boston has now become the most disappointing team in the conference.

Nobody is sure who to blame, not even Marcus Smart, who simply offered up this excuse as to why the team has played so poor lately:

(via ESPN)

"What are the main ingredients to those collapses? Not being together," Smart said. "And that's it. We're just not together. Plain and simple. That's it. Because if we were together, that wouldn't happen. We're all talking and linking up, but like I said, it's something we're going through, and it's something we're going to have to continue to work at and figure it out."

In his opinion, the Celtics just aren't together. Not on the same page. Kyrie Irving, though, doesn't seem to be thinking that way.

"That's Marcus' opinion," Irving said. "I respect it."

He "respects" it, but clearly doesn't agree with it... confirming the fact that this Boston team isn't on the same page after all. And, before they set out to fix the problems on the court, they'll have to come together off of it.

Either way, it's going to be a long way back for Boston. Hopefully, they'll be able to pull themselves together before the playoffs begin this upcoming spring.