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Kyrie Irving Apologizes To LeBron For Not Realizing How Hard Being A Leader Is


Three years together, three trips to the Finals, one NBA Championship and a whole lot in between. The relationship between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James wasn't a long one and it ended in smoke and fire after Irving pushed himself out.

Now, looking back, Irving finally recognizes and admits what LeBron was really doing for the Cavs.

In Boston, the team has struggled to maintain their elite status in the East. And, despite Kyrie's best efforts, the Celtics cannot string together a good stretch of basketball. For the first time, he's understanding how hard it is to lead a team, and issued an apology to LeBron for it.

Like Irving is now doing for Boston, LeBron had to lead a Cavs squad (with sky-high expectations) with virtually no postseason experience. He somehow got them to the Finals every time. It's this type of leadership that puts LeBron above the rest of the field. We've seen what that same Cavs team is now without him.

We don't know how far Irving will lead the Celtics this year, only that he will be the one blamed if they don't get very far. For the first time, he's realizing just how hard this leadership thing really is.

How does LeBron do it?!