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Kyrie Irving Appears To Compare Himself To Martin Luther King Jr.

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

Kyrie Irving has been known to say a few head-scratching things in the past, including questioning the roundness of the earth, calling out his teammates publicly, and posting cryptic, hidden messages on Instagram.

Perhaps one of the strangest quotes from Irving took place this morning when he compared himself to the great Martin Luther King Jr. -- on MLK day.


“When I was out for those seven weeks and not saying anything and still people are still saying things about me,” Irving said, via YES Network. “It’s inevitable. They crucified Martin Luther King for speaking about peace and social integration."

It is true that Irving gets a lot of criticism for just speaking his mind -- something that MLK knew all too much about.

But to say his situation is even a fraction of what King had to deal with is more than a stretch. Dr. King was dealing with racism and violence in a very tense situation that affected more than just himself. He took a stand in peaceful but passionate protests -- activities that ultimately cost him his life.

Irving is facing stakes not nearly as high, and his message about "peace" and "social integration" is often more cryptic and mysterious than it is clear.

But, coming from Kyrie, it's not at all surprising he chose to compare himself to a historical and societal legend.