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Kyrie Irving Bought George Floyd's Family A House, Says Stephen Jackson

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

Kyrie Irving has brought himself attention from the media recently, due to his continued absence from Brooklyn Nets basketball games. Some analysts have even called upon him to retire. All of this negative attention may have created a bad perception of Irving.

Despite the persistent negative talking about him in the media, it seems that Kyrie Irving has still found a way to do good. Kyrie Irving is known as someone who is extremely passionate about social justice issues and even advocated for sitting out the rest of the 2019-20 season to keep matters focused on social justice. On a recent podcast, Stephen Jackson revealed that Kyrie Irving bought George Floyd's family a house. George Floyd's death impacted many people in the world: Kyrie Irving was surely one of those people.

The fact that Kyrie Irving was willing to do that speaks volumes of his character. Kyrie Irving is a great basketball player, but this shows that he is an even greater person. Irving's willing to put money out to support Floyd's family, and act like that can help a family for generations.

Sadly there are still issues with injustice and racism in the US. Kyrie Irving's act was something that probably brought joy to a grieving family, and showed them that someone cares. Kyrie Irving doesn't just talk about issues, he walks the path to help people.