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Kyrie Irving Explains To Celtics Fans Why He Will Not Talk Trash Back To Them, Showing Them It Is Very Expensive

Vince Carter On Kyrie Irving's Hostility Towards Celtics Fans: "Sometimes Doing That, You're Just Feeding The Fire. All They're Gonna Do Is Come Back More."

Kyrie Irving didn't have the best start to the 2022 NBA playoffs due to a variety of reasons. The Brooklyn Nets lost a big game against the Boston Celtics on Sunday with a buzzer-beater layup from Jayson Tatum, who pulled a big move on his former teammate before scoring. 

During that game, Celtics fans heckled him. This was a normal thing since Kyrie left the Celtics in 2019, but on Sunday, things got to the next level. He got tired of all the bad comments and the boos and clapped back at fans, sending big messages and making strong gestures to let them know how he felt. 

The league took care of this situation and decided to fine Kyrie $50K for his behavior during Game 1, which prevented him from doing the same in Game 2. In the middle of the game, Kyrie explained to Celtics fans that talking back to them is very expensive and he won't entertain any of that. 

This is a hilarious video, but it's very true. Even Kyrie, somebody who has a big contract, knows that clapping back at hecklers can be expensive for NBA players, and he's better off playing and trying to ignore all the external noise. 

In the end, the Celtics won the second game of the series, taking a 2-0 lead and demonstrating that they are a very dangerous team this playoff. The Nets have some work to do for the next game, with Kevin Durant figuring out what has been the problem for him this series. 

They received big news regarding Ben Simmons, but his return doesn't mean the Nets will overcome this situation and win it all.