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Kyrie Irving Explains Why He Left The Celtics

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Even though he assured last year that he was planning to re-sign with the Boston Celtics this offseason, Kyrie Irving didn’t have the best campaign at the TD Garden and decided to call it quits with the C’s. A lot has been said about this topic and all the reasons that led Kyrie to leave Boston.

The All-Star point guard has finally addressed this situation, explaining how he felt last season, in which personal matter influenced his decision to come back home and sign with the Brooklyn Nets. During Nets Media Day on Friday, he explained what went wrong when he was in Boston.

“For me, it was just about honing on what was important, and that was coming back home. That was the important staple that I had in my mind, mind you, it took months and months, it almost took a year and some change for me to even come to that decision because nine months ago I was sitting in front of the Boston crowd saying that I wanted to re-sign. And after that, a lot of things happened in my personal life that really changed the landscape of how I felt about the game of basketball and actually playing it in a team environment, and that really affected me as a human being,” Irving said, via NESN.

“I didn’t share it with anyone, I didn’t want to come out and say that this is bothering me or I’m in a depression at this point of dealing with the death of my grandfather, so when all this happened and the NBA and the pressures, I put in in quotations, from this basketball game came into free agency and what I was doing with my future, I wanted to dispel all those things, but I don’t think I did it in the right way of being honest about how I felt. So I just wanted to come here with a very fresh mindset and make sure that I’m honest with my teammates going forward and also reverting back to apologizing to guys that I’ve been with and been teammates with to make sure that they know, ‘Hey this is a game, but also our lives come into this. And when it affects our livelihood and it affects our happiness to play basketball, then the product or our service out there on the floor is not great.’ And that’s just what it is that just is what it is.”

The 2018/19 season saw the Celtics go through a lot of stuff that led several changes for the team, including Irving leaving to Brooklyn, while Al Horford found his way to Philadelphia. They brought Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter to replace two of the best players they had within their ranks.

Although Kyrie made it clear that he was planning to re-sign with Boston, it’s well known that nobody had a good time with the Celtics last season. Leaving that team with a broken locker room was the best decision for him. If we add the personal matters he had to go through, nobody can blame Irving for his decision.