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Kyrie Irving: “F—— Thanksgiving”


Thursday morning in America marks the annual Thanksgiving festivities, a time when folks get to stuff their face full of food in remembrance of the country’s origins.

True, it pales in comparison to Christmas or New Years, but who doesn’t like having a good feast every now and then?

Apparently, Kyrie Irving.

His short ”F—- Thanksgiving” comment recently hit the internet, and people are pretty saddened by his lack of holiday spirit.

Also, let’s not forget the fact that Irving was recently given the name “Little Mountain” by the Sioux Indian tribe earlier in the year. So for him not to appreciate a holiday with so many Native American roots is a little unfortunate.

This type of odd behavior isn’t anything really new though. This is the same guy who said the earth was flat, and previously said that he “doesn’t think of Christmas as a holiday.”

Maybe he’s more of an Easter guy?