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Kyrie Irving Flames NCAA For Differences Between Men's And Women's Athletic's

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

The NCAA has come under scrutiny lately, following footage of some discrepancies between their treatment of women and men.

As calls for gender equality grow louder, Nets star Kyrie Irving joined the chorus of critics, calling out the collegiate association for their mistreatment of "queens" and insisting that they "deserve more."

Kyrie Irving is a guy who has become notorious for his willingness to stand and speak out on controversial issues. Whether it's for the flat-earth conspiracy or the Black Lives Matter movement, he's a guy who has never been afraid to share his views online. In the case of the NCAA's recent scandal, he has joined with the right side of history. While women's sports don't generate nearly the same amount of revenue as their male counterparts, it doesn't mean they don't deserve similar levels of respect. On social media, many fans spoke out in support of Kyrie and what he is standing for...

It's fair to say this issue will continue to drag on for years. As for Kyrie, he's continuing to gain favor with the fans each and every time he speaks up and supports these types of movements.