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Kyrie Irving Gives Emotional Interview About Kobe Bryant

Kyrie Irving Gives Emotional Interview About Kobe Bryant

Kyrie Irving has reflected on Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, as the Brooklyn Nets point guard was one of Bryant’s pupils in the league. They had a couple of duels on the floor, but there is no doubt that the love and respect between these two were always there.

Following the Brooklyn Nets’ 125-115 victory over the Detroit Pistons, Irving gave an emotional interview talking about Kobe and his daughter Gianna, who also passed in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning.

“It’s just hard to even kind of drop the words, try to find a clear cut message that you would send to Gigi and Kobe and everybody that lost their lives. It’s hard. I’ve been trying to do this the last few days, just trying to get ready for a moment like this, but you just gotta let it be and let it flow. I know he’s gonna watch it, as well as Gigi.

“... It’s heartbreaking for all of us, but I’m not the only one dealing with something, so, I think the most beautiful thing is that it's connecting all of us, that his seed that he’s planted in all of us to continue to grow, his legacy is gonna live on forever, obviously, but the man was a philosopher, a teacher. He left so many great things here for us to follow and I’m just gonna continue to carry the torch.”

You can see how impactful Kobe was on Kyrie’s life and the rest of the players who are stars in the league right now. This is the biggest proof that Kobe’s legacy is giant and nothing will ever change that as long as he keeps inspiring the new generations.