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Kyrie Irving Gives Epic Response To Cleveland's Tribute Video

(via @WorldWideWob)

(via @WorldWideWob)

After switching teams twice, countless conspiracy theories, and multiple controversies, Kyrie Irving finally got his tribute video in Cleveland.

In his first game back since taking some "personal time," Kyrie was pitted up against his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who decided to honor his time with them by showing a tribute video before the start of the game.

While the video is certainly touching, the internet was more up-in-arms about Kyrie's reaction to it afterward.

The finger point is obviously a reference to Kyrie's 2016 Championship, in which he and LeBron James led the franchise to their first-ever title.

While Kyrie's tenure in Cleveland seems like eons ago now, he was an essential part of their run and a fan-favorite for the team, having been there even before James' return.

Now, with the Nets, he is hoping to add a second ring to that finger. But we'll see how he fares in that mission...