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Kyrie Irving Had Gordon Hayward Commited To The Cavs Before LeBron James Returned

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James returned home to Cleveland from Miami in 2014 with the goal of finishing what he had started, leading the Cavs to a championship title. He accomplished that, but little did anyone know, Kyrie Irving had plans of his own to make the Cavaliers a super threat to the then overpowered Miami Heat before LeBron’s eventual departure.

According to Cleveland Cavaliers' former general manager David Griffin, Kyrie Irving had assembled commitments from Gordon Hayward, Trevor Ariza and Channing Frye to come into the side before LeBron returned home in 2014.

Even with that roster, it would still be extremely tough to compete with Miami’s big three of Lebron, Wade and Bosh but it would certainly have them up as a potential contender.

Gordon Hayward even announced in a press conference last August that he even visited the Cavaliers as a restricted free agent in 2014 where Kyrie really pushed for him to come on board.

"I actually went to Cleveland on a visit when I was a restricted free agent (in 2014), and Kyrie came in and was saying how much fun it'd be if I was on the team and kinda recruited me to go there," Gordon Hayward told the press.

The two All-Stars never had the chance to team up in Cleveland due to LeBron then announcing his return to Cleveland which left no room for Hayward. However, after the Celtics had a busy offseason last year, both Hayward and Irving now have the opportunity to play together in a very strong team.

Irving and Hayward, now both on the Boston Celtics list, will be looking to stay injury free in a season that the Celtics could finally advance past the Eastern Conference Finals with LeBron now in the West for the first time in his career.