'Kyrie Irving Has A 166-199 Career Record Without LeBron James In His 10 Year Career While Playing With Plenty Of Stars', Says NBA Fan

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

NBA debates are hotter than ever right now, especially when you talk about two rivals, former teammates, and more. The GOAT debate is not as hot as it was before and now fans have focused on more recent topics, with many of them including LeBron James and his competition.

After the Brooklyn Nets beat the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center, with Kyrie trolling LeBron James for missing a free throw, everybody has talked about if there's still beef between them and others have made the case for their favorite player. This led one NBA fan to remind everybody that Kyrie Irving has had a very bad record without LeBron James by his side. They played for two seasons in Cleveland, having a rocky relationship that ended up with Kyrie requesting a trade.

Twitter account @LakerBanners is always reminding people that Kyrie has a bad record without LeBron, and after the Nets took the Lakers down, he pulled those numbers out attacking Kyrie.

"Daily reminder that Kyrie Irving has a 166-199 career record without LeBron James in his 10-year career.

He has played with Tatum, Hayward, Kevin Love, Jaylen Brown, Kevin Durant, and Al Horford," this person said.

NBA fans reacted to this, asked if this was hating or facts and the voting was really close.

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They've been keeping tabs on Kyrie, apparently, updating Irving's record without LeBron every now and then.

It's worth noting that part of why Kyrie has such a bad record without LeBron is the fact that he played three years in Cleveland with a young and inexperienced team, posting a 78-152 record before LeBron made his return to the team in 2014. After that, things changed for Kyrie and the Cavs, who went to play in three NBA Finals, losing two and winning one, with the point guard and the King having a great performance to lift that team from a 3-1 deficit.

Right now Irving is part of the Nets and Bron is in Los Angeles. We could see them going at it in the Finals, which would set the NBA world on fire. With James, Irving boasted a 132-51, which is really good knowing how bad things were before the Los Angeles Lakers star returned to his first team in the association.