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Kyrie Irving Has Been Putting On A Show In Los Angeles Amid Ongoing Trade Rumors: “He Was Playing With Some Guys Out In The Valley, And He Was Clearly The Best Guy On The Court..."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has already made it known to the world that he wants to be a Laker. After three chaotic seasons in Brooklyn, Uncle Drew is set on reuniting with his former teammate and helping lift the Lakers out of their current situation.

While talks are still ongoing, Irving is certainly giving the Lakers some added incentive to make a move for his services. In a report by Brad Turner, the star point guard has been dazzling people playing pickup basketball in Los Angeles.

(h/t Lakers Daily):

“He was playing with some guys out in the valley, and he was clearly the best guy on the court, and there were other NBA players there,” said Turner. “He was scoring in ways that some of the guys just couldn’t imagine — off the wrong foot, jump shots, layups, 3-point shots with ease. We’ve seen him — his skill set is amazing, and from what I was told yesterday that all this guy could do was just sit there and shake his head because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His first thing was, he called, and he goes, ‘You gotta call me back.’ And he just says, ‘If it takes giving up 2,000 draft picks, go get this guy because he can get it done.'”

Unfortunately for the Lakers, trade talks have stalled in recent days. Any trade involving the Lakers and Irving will need to include Russell Westbrook, who the Nets have been hesitant to add to their payroll.

But as Irving shows off what he can do, he is only adding pressure for the Lakers to make a move. And the longer Russell Westbrook stays on the roster, the more that the team (and the fans) are dreading having him for another season.

For as much drama as Irving has caused over the past few years, his talent and skill set is unmatched in the NBA and makes him a valuable point guard on the trade market.