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Kyrie Irving Has Proven Before He Can Lie When He Tells A Team He'll Be Re-Signing


Boston Celtic fans are sure to be waking up in a good mood today, after it was reported that star point guard Kyrie Irving intends to re-sign with the Celtics when it comes time to negotiate his contract.

Even though the news may be good for the Celtics at the moment, history has proven to us that Kyrie Irving is more than capable of changing his mind when it comes to re-signing with a team.

During a camp held by Kyrie before LeBron returned to Cleveland, Irving was taking questions from camp-goers, and was asked by a particular child if he "Would leave Cleveland like LeBron left us."

Here was Kyrie's answer:

"That's a great question, um, no, I won't leave, I'm not leaving. How can I leave you guys?"

Fast-forward to the 2017-18 NBA offseason, and Kyrie was requesting a trade out of Cleveland, eventually landing in Boston.

So even though Irving has stated publically he'll be returning to the Celtics for the foreseeable future, never rule out the chance Kyrie may flip the switch and elect to become a free agent at the end of this season.