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Kyrie Irving Is Not Promising A Championship With The Nets

(via CelticsBlog)

(via CelticsBlog)

With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and DeAndre Jordan, the Nets are being considered among the Eastern Conference elites. For Kyrie Irving, however, he is reluctant to promise anything about the upcoming season.

(via Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News)

“We’re here to build. I’m not saying we’re a championship team right now, we’re not going to say this is what it’s going to be going forward. We’re just here to observe one another, care for one another and be here to enjoy playing basketball. But first and foremost is our family. I think sometimes that can get confused in this league about who we are as human beings. I’m always going to be an advocate for that, and (the Nets) are advocates that we’re humans first and then we’re basketball players.”

For the Heat, Cavs, Warriors, and every other "super" team out there, it took time. It's safe to assume it will take some time for the Nets as well.

As Durant recovers from the Achilles injury, and the team adjusts to new additions, they will likely not be competing for a title this upcoming season. And until they get to that point, Kyrie and the Nets appear focused on building things up the right way -- and not hoisting agendas or expectations upon anyone's shoulders.