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Kyrie Irving Is Reportedly 'In A Good Place' With The Nets, Feeling Comfortable To Start The 2022-23 Season

Kyrie Irving Allegedly Wanted His New Contract To Guarantee He Wouldn't Have To Play More Than 60 Games Per Season And To Not Play Back To Back Games

After all that has transpired in Brooklyn over the past few months, is Kyrie Irving finally at peace with giving it another run with the Nets?

As trade rumors continue to swirl regarding the 7x All-Star, SNY’s Ian Begley says Uncle Drew sees the writing on the wall and is in a good place with his current team ahead of the 2022-23 season.

As with all trade talks, things are fluid. So the dynamic can change at any time. But late last month one source familiar with the Nets/Durant dynamic said things were in a “holding pattern” based on past talks between Brooklyn and other teams.

A source close to Irving said this week that the seven-time All-Star is in a good place with the Nets and comfortable entering the 2022-23 season.

Curiously, Kevin Durant hasn't yet moved off his trade request, which continues to loom over the NBA offseason like the dark cloud before a storm. It makes sense why he'd want out, given how the past few years have gone, but it remains to be seen if any team will fork over the assets necessary to get a deal done. 

As for Irving, very few teams in the league are even calling for him. The word on the street is that there is still a strong level of mutual interest for both sides. But even if nothing happens, Kyrie will be ready to remind the world of who he is.

With Durant or without him, Kyrie is leaving his future in Brooklyn's hands as he preps for a revenge tour that could put the whole league on notice.