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Kyrie Irving Keeps Posting Cryptic Tweets Amid Nets Drama: “WWIII Is The Truth vs. The Lie”

Kyrie Irving Keeps Posting Cryptic Tweets Amid Nets Drama: “WWIII Is The Truth vs. The Lie”

This entire week has been full of Kyrie Irving in the NBA world. The veteran point guard reportedly had an impasse with the Brooklyn Nets while discussing his contract extension and now Kyrie could leave the team he's played for since 2019. 

After a tumultuous season where he couldn't play for a big part due to his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Kyrie and the Nets weren't on the best terms, apparently, which led the team to reconsider their options for the 2016 NBA champion. Irving wants a long-term contract now, but there's a big possibility that the Nets aren't the team giving him that. 

With all the reports out there, many people have wondered what's next for Kyrie, while the player keeps living, supposedly studying all the options he has for the future and sending cryptic messages on social media. 

Earlier this week, he used a gif of The Wire character Brother Mouzone to react to the rumors regarding his future in the league. Well, that hasn't changed, as Kyrie keeps sending out messages to make people think. 

Today, he sent out two tweets talking about the truth and the lie, which he considers are the fighters in World War III. 


Circa 2022. Katt Williams

Kyrie would send two more of these tweets, telling people to be aware of everything happening around them. 

Living in The Age of No more secrets.

No one can hide their hands anymore.

Pay close attention, Everything is a chess move.


He kept telling people that there's a war going on and everybody should be ready to fight in it, always emphasizing the truth vs. lie idea. 

Find Your Tribe.

It’s a war outside.

Do not sugarcoat WTF is going on.

Speak on everything you’re seeing and whenever you’re ready to unplug….👋🏾👋🏾

The TRUTH vs The LIE

Kyrie has always been vocal about social matters, so this could also mean that he's raising his voice against people who overturned the Roe v. Wade decision that will allow every state in the US to decide if abortion is legal or not. It could be anything, honestly, but the truth is that Kyrie isn't happy right now, and he's letting everybody know.