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Kyrie Irving Left The Nets Chat After Reports Came Out That He Wanted To Start His Own League

(via Daily Shark)

(via Daily Shark)

Kyrie Irving has been one of the most famous names in the NBA since Friday and not precisely for the best reasons. The Brooklyn Nets point guard has been very outspoken against the NBA return in Orlando next month and he was planning to take things to the next level.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Irving had thrown the idea of creating an independent league outside from the NBA while skipping going to Orlando to resume the campaign, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

“In a recent chat group with Nets players, Kyrie Irving lobbied for skipping the bubble, the Daily News has learned. In that chat, he also proposed that the players can start their own league, according to a source,” Bondy said on Twitter.

A couple of hours after that, it was revealed that Irving wasn't so happy with that report, leaving the group chat he had with his teammates.

"Sources tell me that Kyrie Irving never stated that the Nets should begin their own league in response to the bubble. I'm told that after that report came out, he left the group chat," Taylor Rooks reported.

After that, some of his teammates came in his defense, claiming those reports were fake.

Irving is pretty firm in his believes, but that doesn't mean he'll make drastic decisions against the NBA. At least, he won't go and create his own league.