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Kyrie Irving Offers Little Empathy After Being Asked About LeBron's Ejection


Much of the NBA world -- especially LeBron James' fans -- was sent into disarray after King James was ejected from his first ever game by referee Kane Fitzgerald against the Miami Heat.

James, who was irked by the lack of calls going his way when driving, ran towards Fitzgerald after seemingly being hacked across the arms by James Johnson. According to Fitzgerald, LeBron "threw an air punch" in his direction and spoke in a vulgar manner, leading to James' ejection.

Because of how seismic this event was -- remember, LeBron had never been ejected before in his entire 15-year career -- many players were asked about their thoughts on the call and subsequent ejection, including James' former teammate, Kyrie Irving. It went about as well as you could imagine.

Kyrie offers a generic response about how the call was questionable at best, but it's quite obvious that Kyrie isn't really concerned with LeBron being thrown out of his first game, and why should he be? Irving is probably paying more attention to his own team's matters, and even if he was watching Cavs' games closely, why would he let the media know about it?

Whether Irving is playing up to the narrative of the supposed beef between himself and James or literally doesn't care at all, it's funny to see him being questioned about something so menial.