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Kyrie Irving On First Game Against Kobe Bryant: "The First Game I Played Against Kobe, I Wasn’t Really Thinking Too Much. I Was A Rookie... I Just Saw And Witnessed Somebody Just Manipulate The Whole Entire Game Just Based Off Of His Greatness."

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Kobe Bryant is a legend everywhere across the globe. Many people became Lakers fans because of Bryant, and his maniacal work ethic. Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to many kids and their basketball aspirations, and there is a reason the people yell 'Kobe!' on the basketball court when hitting a difficult shot. His legacy as a great player has endured and will endure, even after his death.

Recently, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving talked about his first game against Kobe Bryant. Irving mentions that he was nervous, and describes what he saw Kobe Bryant do on the court. The segment starts at 8:05.

The first game I played against Kobe, I wasn’t really thinking too much. I was a rookie. He was coming off of an unbelievable tear of 40 point games. I think he sprained his wrist a few times. He had I think two 40-point games the game before, so when he came out in our game, I just saw and witnessed somebody just manipulate the whole entire game just based off of his greatness.He was taking great shots and just giving incredible effort.

It is insane to think about how many big scoring nights Kobe Bryant could have in a row. Kobe Bryant's consistency came from hours and hours of hard work and thinking up counters to anything the opponent could throw at him. Mamba mentality will always be associated with Kobe Bryant who was a stone-cold assassin on the basketball court. Kyrie Irving watched Kobe's greatness firsthand: he saw how amazing Bryant's shotmaking was. Bryant could score from absolutely anywhere.