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Kyrie Irving On He And Kevin Durant's New Nickname "7-11": "It's A New Show. It's A New Beginning In Terms Of Building And Moving Forward With The Pieces That We Have Here, And That Includes 7-11."



In his first media session of the season, Kyrie Irving delved into his new partnership with Kevin Durant. Citing excitement and optimism about what is to come.

He also revealed the nickname he gave to him and his co-star.

"It's a new show," Irving said. "It's a new beginning in terms of building and moving forward with the pieces that we have here, and that includes 7-11. So get to know us."

Apparently, Irving isn't the first one to come up with the nickname as fans were quick to point that out that league Jaylen Brown and Jayston Tatum had the nickname when they worse those numbers in the summer league.

Even if Irving "stole" the idea from Tatum and Brown, it's hardly relevant now because Tatum doesn't wear No.11 anymore anyway.

Regardless of the origins, Kyrie and Durant are certainly worthy of a nickname. They looked solid in their preseason opener, dropping buckets with ease en-route to victory. While it remains to be seen what will happen in the upcoming season, it's fair to say they are going to be a tough team to handle this season.