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Kyrie Irving On His Future Plans With Kevin Durant: "I Could Be Sitting Next To Him And Having 25,000 As Well And Look Back And We Just Crack Jokes On A Few Championships That We Won Together"

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets and the superstar duo of Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant aren't having a great time over the last few months. While Irving has returned to play for the Nets, he isn't a full-time player yet.

Adding to that is the fact that KD was injured for a while and just returned to the roster. Lastly, the most surprising thing that happened to the team was the departure of James Harden.

Combining all the above-mentioned things, the Brooklyn Nets have dropped below .500 this season with a record of 32-33. In their most recent fixture against the Boston Celtics, they fell 6-points short as they lost 120-126.

However, the fixture brought at least some good news for Nets fans. During the fixture, KD reached the 25,000 points mark in his career as he scored 37 points in the losing effort.

Upon reaching this milestone, Kyrie congratulated his teammate by labeling him as an artist. Irving also revealed his seemingly ambitious future plans with Durant.


"And for me, it motivates me to continue to get my game up and hopefully when I'm done with my career I could be sitting next to him and having 25,000 as well and look back and we just crack jokes on a few championships that we won together. So that's the goal at hand."

At first look, it might seem like an achievable goal for Irving. After all, he is one of the best point guards in the modern NBA. Unfortunately, the issue with Kyrie lies in his fitness and shenanigans.

It is a well-known fact that Irving has a tough time playing even around 60 games a season. So even if he has around 7-8 seasons left in him, he will need to be incredibly consistent and increase his scoring average a bit to reach the same level as Durant.

Currently, Kai has 13,688 points to his name, so the 1x NBA champion still has a long way to go to fulfill his dream of reaching 25,000 career points.