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Kyrie Irving On Hugging His Former Celtics Teammates: "Big Surprise, Huh? All That S*** Talking About Me..."

(via NBCS)

(via NBCS)

Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics did not depart on the best of terms. After making a verbal commitment to the franchise, he left a year later, following a series of controversies that often pitted him up against his own teammates.

Since his arrival in Brooklyn, he and his former ball club have always been thought of as rivals, and it's been a popular narrative among the basketball community.

But on Thursday, Irving buried that story, hugging it out with his former teammates and calling out those who tried to put a divide between them.

“Big surprise huh? To a lot of people. All that sh*t-talking about me and all the relationships I have with every teammate of mine. Now, we get to see it every game that I got some great people out here.”

To many, Kyrie's dramatic endings with the Cavs and Celtics only prove the idea that he's a bad teammate. There's even some tension when it comes to LeBron James, who he win a title with in 2016.

It seems Uncle Drew is tired of hearing about all that, though, and he's not afraid to prove the haters wrong in that respect.