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Kyrie Irving On Nets' Leadership: 'We All Share A Certain Responsibility'

(via Talk Basket)

(via Talk Basket)

While Kevin Durant is sidelined due to an Achilles injury, the Brooklyn Nets will face a season in which they aren’t seen as the favorites to win the NBA title. Besides Durant, they landed Kyrie Irving, who is expected to take the team to compete in the East.

Even though Kyrie is regarded as the player that will show the way to the Nets, the point guard has made it clear that a group effort will determine the direction of the team. The former Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtic player told reporters his teammates will have responsibilities this season.

"I think that we all share a certain responsibility in the leadership here," Irving said. "I think that some of my past experiences, there could be a sense of alienation when you think about someone naming you as just the leader of the team and falling all in your court.

"I want to share those responsibilities with those guys — obviously we have different roles, that every single night there's a consistency that you have to live up to, and your game. But overall, there shouldn't be a different communication that I have with (Dzanan) Musa or Caris (LeVert) just because I am a nine-year vet, or anything like that."

Let’s recall that his leadership was questioned when he clashed with some of his teammates in Boston, which ended up with the team having a horrible season, getting awfully eliminated by the Bucks.

Now Kyrie understands this is a completely different situation as he attempts to put a Brooklyn team that has never won an NBA title on the map.

"This is just one accord, one team, one common voice," Irving said. "We all share our own experiences and we want to use that to become better as a team. So yeah, individually we have our own leadership, but as a group, we all share that responsibility."

Irving and his Nets will make their debut Oct. 23 as Brooklyn hosts the Timberwolves at 7:30 p.m. ET.