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Kyrie Irving On Playing With LeBron: 'Every Road Game Is Like A Home Game'



It might feel like an eternity ago now, but there was a time when Kyrie Irving and LeBron James had to share the spotlight in Cleveland. It's been a while since anyone has reminisced on those days -- especially Kyrie, who is preparing for his new partnership with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn.

But in an interview on the Bill Simmons podcast, Uncle Drew spoke on the old times and revealed a bit of what it was like to play with LeBron James.

"You're being tested on the biggest stage in front of everyone. All the time. I went from being in Cleveland having half the fans show up, to now LeBron comes back every night it's packed, every road game is like a home game, it's championship or you fail."

It is true that LBJ revolutionized the Cavaliers. In his absence, not only did the team's success disappear but so did the fans. As one of the best players ever, and a force that controls the NBA media landscape, James is naturally going to have that effect.

As for his teammates, it was probably not so easy to constantly play under pressure like that and yet still have to remain on the backburner. James controlled everything, that's just how it was. But no matter how much it may have sucked sometimes, it's hard to imagine it not being worth it in the end.