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Kyrie Irving Posts Cryptic Tweet Suggesting He Wants To Leave Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving Posts A Cryptic Message On Instagram, Fans Immediately React: "Lakers Nation Is Waiting For You"

Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the league, and there's no doubt that he is an extremely talented ball handler with the ability to score on all three levels. However, many have criticized him this year for his unreliability, and there was a lot of drama for the Brooklyn Nets due to Kyrie Irving being a part-time player.

Despite his talent, it is quite possible that Kyrie Irving will end up leaving the Brooklyn Nets. It was recently reported that the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers are discussing a trade regarding the point guard.

"Lakers are currently negotiating a trade for Kyrie Irving involving 'Russell Westbrook, a first-round pick and a pick swap with maybe another player involved, maybe Joe Harris.'”

Recently, Kyrie Irving posted a tweet that could be interpreted as him being ready to leave the Brooklyn Nets. The Tweet featured a bird flying out of a cage, and the symbolism there is very obvious.

It remains to be seen where Kyrie Irving will end up. It is clear that the Los Angeles Lakers are the most talked-about destination, but an Eastern Conference Executive suggested that the Dallas Mavericks could be a better match for him.

One Eastern Conference executive suggested that the Dallas Mavericks offer the best fit [for Irving]. The reasons were fairly straightforward: their GM, their coach and their star player.

One of the issues in Brooklyn is Irving’s apparent lack of respect for Steve Nash as a head coach. While both Nash and Jason Kidd had Hall-of-Fame careers as point guards, Kidd has a championship to his credit — as does Irving — while Nash does not. Mavericks first-year GM Nico Harrison apparently already has a strong relationship with Irving from his previous job as vice president of North America basketball operations for Nike, with whom Irving has had a signature shoe.

And then there’s Luka Doncic, the Mavs’ superstar playmaker. "With Luka, Kyrie doesn’t have to be your best player," the rival GM said. "He doesn’t have to lead. But they do need a second scorer, and he can do that."

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving could potentially be a difference-maker for any team in their pursuit of a championship. His play style means that he could slot in next to virtually any superstar as a No. 2 option.

Hopefully, we see Kyrie Irving end up in a good situation where he can thrive and show off his talent. He has had a rough few years, but perhaps a new start is all that he needs.