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Kyrie Irving Predicts Where He'll Be In The Next 20 To 30 Years


Kyrie Irving's star power has skyrocketed since the moment he stepped foot in the NBA, and even though most of that can be attributed to his dazzling skillset, some of the credit has to go to the way he's portrayed himself off the court, specifically the 'Uncle Drew' series of videos produced by Pepsi that made Irving even more popular than he was before.

At the moment, Kyrie is entering the prime of his career with the Boston Celtics, and may have the NBA at his fingertips in the near future, but according to Irving, he can't wait to leave it all behind once he retires and live out in the middle of nowhere.

You can't blame Kyrie for wanting to get away from it all once his career is said and done. With the advent of social media, NBA stars are in the public eye more than ever, with every single move and quote scrutinized by the general public, so the fact that Irving wouldn't mind living off the land in Texas when he's nearing his 50's isn't a surprise to anyone.