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Kyrie Irving Rants On Instagram, Calls Out Lakers Guard Dennis Schroder For Using The N-Word

(via Techno Trenz)

(via Techno Trenz)

During Saturday night's match between the Lakers and Nets, Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder got into a bit of an altercation, resulting in both players getting ejected from the game.

At the time, nobody quite knew what was behind the whole thing or who was the one who instigated it. According to Schroder, he wasn't even aware of the full gravity of the situation.

But finally, on Twitter, Kyrie shed some light on what went down this weekend, calling out Schroder for using the N-word while describing why he sees it as derogatory.

Obviously, there have been varying opinions on the matter, with some fans siding with Irving, and others insisting he is blowing the whole ordeal way out of proportion.

No matter how you see it, Uncle Drew has his view, and it doesn't seem vulnerable to change at the moment. Maybe next time, Schroder will think twice before addressing Kyrie in that way...