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Kyrie Irving Reportedly Proposed Other Players To Create An Independent League

(via Talk Basket)

(via Talk Basket)

Just when people and other players were starting to side with Kyrie Irving's on his stance regarding the Orlando bubble and boycotting the NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets' point guard took it up a notch.

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, Irving is reportedly trying to get players to create an independent league outside from the NBA, as well as skipping the Orlando bubble:

"In a recent chat group with Nets players, Kyrie Irving lobbied for skipping the bubble, the Daily News has learned. In that chat, he also proposed that the players can start their own league, according to a source," Bondy reported.

Irving had a valid point at first. He claimed that it wasn't the right time for basketball, given the outroar of the Black Lives Matter movement. He thought hoops would be a distraction, and God knows that's a possibility.

He also claimed that 'the unknowns of COVID' and player safety should be at the top of their priorities, another very valid point for players who still don't exactly know which measures the league is going to take to protect their health.

So now, this doesn't make any sense at all. Not only he would be playing basketball but he'd also be risking the players' safety on this alleged independent league.

Also, the NBA is arguably the only major league in the U.S that has allowed players to take a political stand and even encourages and collaborates with them in most initiatives for their communities. Once again, Kyrie Irving is being an agitator and this time, he may have taken things too far.