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Kyrie Irving Reportedly Tried To Recruit Anthony Davis To Celtics Before A 'Falling Out' Between Them

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Tried To Recruit Anthony Davis To Celtics Before A 'Falling Out' Between Them

Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis could clash in the 2022 NBA Finals if their Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers make it to the biggest series of all this year. They have become two polarizing players that draw a lot of attention wherever they go, and both have been sidekicks of LeBron James. 

That couldn't have been the only coincidence between these players, as we could have seen them playing together a couple of years ago. Back in 2019, Davis was forcing a trade out of New Orleans, with many reports suggesting his preferred destination was the Los Angeles Lakers. 

That didn't stop anybody from pursuing a move for the player, and Kyrie Irving was part of those trying to lure him away from New Orleans. Recently, Steve Bulpett of Heavy revealed that three years ago, Kyrie tried to recruit Davis to the Boston Celtics, but that never came to fruition due to a 'falling out' between the two players. 

“It was looking like Anthony Davis was going to go to Boston with Kyrie there for a stretch,” a league executive told Heavy. “That’s what Kyrie wanted. Boston would have had to work it out with New Orleans, but once Anthony made his decision of where he wanted to go, the Pelicans wouldn’t have had much choice.

“But that’s the way it was going. I think people assumed at first that Durant would stay with Golden State, so Kyrie was courting AD to join him in Boston. It was looking good, but then Anthony and Kyrie had a little bit of a falling out for some reason. I think Kyrie fell more in love with Kevin Durant as opposed to Anthony Davis. Maybe he realized KD was possible.”

As we all know now, Kyrie talked KD into signing with the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2019. They created a terrific duo in Brooklyn, that is yet to win a championship due to many reasons but are still hopeful they can get things done. 

We'll never know what would have happened if Davis decided to go to the Celtics. They had Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum on the roster, but maybe one of them would have found their way to NOLA in a potential trade. Then again, AD's father didn't want his son to go to Boston, so perhaps that would have been another reason to stop this move. 

Now, Irving is in Brooklyn as a part-time player, while AD is in Los Angeles, struggling with injuries and failing to make the Lakers a competitive squad in the West. Had they joined forces in Boston, things would have been pretty interesting for the Celtics.