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Kyrie Irving Responds After Barstool Accuses Him Of Destroying 3 NBA Franchises

The Brooklyn Nets Have A 1-5 Record Since Kyrie Irving Asked Everyone To "Watch How The Squad Comes Together" After The All-Star Break

It was a nightmarish campaign for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets. After being considered the favorites to win for much of the season, Brooklyn got swept in the very first round of the playoffs and had to watch from home as the Warriors raised the Larry O'Brien trophy a few weeks ago.

For Irving, it has been nothing but chaos since he announced his intentions to remain unvaccinated. His relationship with the team took a nosedive as he kept missing games, and when things finally ended in the spring, there were talks of the Nets trading him out of town.

Long story short, Irving has had to defend himself (and his legacy) for months now, and he had to do it again on Twitter Monday when Barstool Sports blamed him for 'destroying every NBA team he has ever been a part of.'

*NBA champion and *Gold medalist * Kyrie Irving

Just thought the statement needed a correction as y’all continue to make money off of my NAME and countless others.

Kyrie has burned a lot of bridges in the NBA. The Cavaliers are his original team, but he forced his way out just a year after winning the title in 2016. He moved on to Boston for "something new" but didn't stick around for very long.

In a few seasons, he alienated his teammates and the entire fanbase after he went back on his commitment to stay with the team.

Now, in Brooklyn, Irving is holding back the Nets from their true potential. He barely played last season and all the controversy surrounding his vaccination status became a huge distraction.

All-in-all, there is some truth to the claim that Irving ruined all of his previous teams. The truth is, wherever Kyrie is, drama and controversy will follow.