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Kyrie Irving Responds To Claims That He Was Taking Shots At LeBron: "Why Must It Always Be Brother Against Brother?"

(via Cavaliers Nation)

(via Cavaliers Nation)

For all the fire Kyrie Irving brings on the basketball court, it is often his words that draw the most attention.

Over the past few years, the community has been rather awe-struck at some of Irving's comments, which includes calling the earth flat, publicly shaming his teammates, denying Christmas was a holiday, and even his commitment to "spiritual alchemy."

His latest comments aren't quite as extreme as the ones listed above, but they have been taken as a jab towards his former teammate, LeBron James.

It created a stir and even started up rumors of a potential rivalry between the two players. But, as Irving would go on to say on Instagram, we should hesitate to believe the "false" narratives.

Obviously, not everyone is buying that Kyrie's comments weren't at least partly intended as shade towards LeBron. It's not like the two ended on the best of terms.

But perhaps we all jumped the gun a little bit with attaching LeBron's name to everything. Or, perhaps, Irving is trying to backtrack on a comment he wishes he could take back.

Whatever the case, it's probably best for us to move on.