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Kyrie Irving Responds To Fan Comparing Him And Kevin Durant To 'An Upset 8th Grader': "Or You Get An Example Of Black Indigenous Excellence At A Craft That Only A Few Individuals Out Billions Of People Can Do."

Kevin Durant Is Excited With Kyrie Irving’s Return: “Adding Kyrie To The Equation Just Makes Us So Much Better As A Team.”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are two of the most polarizing players in the NBA today. The Brooklyn Nets superstar duo is trying to win another championship in New York and now will have a big addition in Ben Simmons. The point guard is another player who receives plenty of bad comments from fans and media members, so this seems like a match made in a different place than heaven. 

Still, the Nets are strong and they know who they are, often taking shots at fans who try to disrespect them. Kevin Durant is a master of that art, and Kyrie Irving isn't less than his teammate. 

The former Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics player recently engaged in a Twitter battle with a fan who compared him and Kevin Durant to 'an upset 8th grader.' The point guard wasn't having any of that and clapped back at this person, reminding him and everybody or who he and Kevin Durant are. 

Fan: I think if you combined @KDTrey5 and @KyrieIrving maturity you would get the grand total of an upset 8th grader.

Kyrie: Or You get an example of Black Indigenous Excellence at a craft that only a few individuals out billions of people can do.

KD and Ky are often criticized for their decisions on and off the court, but they're not individuals that will stay silent when people try to pick on them. Kyrie had a big response to this fan, making it clear he's an excellent player with incredible skills and knowledge of topics that not many people know, while Durant is generational talent on the court. 

Some consider it easy to hate on Durant and Irving, but these two aren't bothered by that. They're ready to fire back any given day and Kyrie's response confirmed that.