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Kyrie Irving Reveals What He Told Adam Silver About China Controversy

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

The NBA is still dealing with its international crisis. As the season prepares to go in full swing, even Adam Silver admitted that he wasn't sure when the league would make amends with China.

Multiple players and people around the community have chosen their side and mapped out their response.

Among them is NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, who revealed his conversation to the commissioner about the subject at hand...

"I stand for four things, man. Inner peace. Freedom. Equality and World Peace. So, if that is being conflicted inside of me, I am definitely going to have something to say."

The idea of Kyrie getting involved in this situation is a scary thought for many league executives.

The star guard has known to involve himself on several world issues. His stance on these issues has always been a talking point in seasons past.

But what would it do if he spoke on the China controversy in particular? Nobody knows. And that is, perhaps, the scariest part for the NBA and the parties involved.