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Kyrie Irving Roasts His Young Celtics Teammates Yet Again After Loss To Bucks

Kyrie Irving

Now a season and a half removed from playing under LeBron James' shadow, Kyrie Irving is attempting to lead a Celtics team that has disappointed so far this season.

Despite putting up the numbers, Kyrie has been unable to galvanize his teammates, as the Celtics sit at 5th in the East with a 37-22 record. Their latest loss came from a powerful Bucks team, a team that is clearly head and shoulders above Boston at the moment.

In light of this loss, and maybe in light of their season as a whole, Kyrie addressed the media about a Celtics team that he feels has a long way to go.

“We basically have a bunch of young men in our locker room who feel like they’re capable of doing a lot more than they’re doing,” Irving explained, as transcribed by Yahoo Sports. “And that’s OK, but there’s a maturing that you have to have.”

“I initially didn’t play the minutes I wanted to play. I’m 26-years-old, heading into my prime, like, why do I have to wait for anybody?”

This isn't the first time Irving has called out his young teammates before. Earlier this season, he admitted to calling LeBron James to "apologize" for how hard leadership was. This goes alongside other quotes by Irving criticizing the mindset of some of the guys on the roster.

So, it sounds like Irving has no issue openly critiquing his teammates in public, despite how it might affect the locker room.

We'll see come playoff time if this strategy will work out for the better.