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Kyrie Irving Says "A Lot Of People" Are Responsible For Kevin Durant Tearing His Achilles

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

When the community discovered Kevin Durant would be returning from his 30+ day absence to play in the NBA Finals, there was an immediate concern. Is he ready? Was he rushed? Will it get worse?

As these questions circulated, their worst nightmare came true as he fell to an Achilles tear just minutes following his return to action. Immediately, people questioned if the Warriors should be held responsible for the unfortunate turn of events.

But according to Kyrie Irving, blame should fall on a number of parties.

In the clip, Kyrie vows to handle things different for Durant than the Warriors did. He will not make promises he cannot keep, he will not speak on behalf of his teammate, and he will not rush back the recovery process. Kyrie intends to make sure he is treated as more than a medium for revenue.

Because of this ideology, we can only expect great things from the NBA's newest duo. No doubt, they will have each others' backs in ways we haven't seen before in the league. Hopefully, it results in success on the floor as well.