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Kyrie Irving Says He Caught Shams Charania Trying To Sneak Into The Nets' Workouts In LA

Kyrie Irving Says He Caught Shams Charania Trying To Sneak Into The Nets Workouts In LA

After a media boycott, and fears from the fans that he'd continue his war against the press, Kyrie Irving has seemingly ended his campaign, speaking with reporters today for the first time since last season.

He spoke on a number of things and clarified some of the things he had said earlier. All-in-all, it was a good and refreshing engagement with the Nets star.

But perhaps one of the most surprising moments was when he admitted the fact that he caught NBA Insider Shams Charania sneaking into the Nets' workouts in LA earlier in the offseason.

On social media, the reaction from fans was priceless, as there's just no denying the hilarity of the whole situation...

Shams has yet to comment on Irving's statement, but is anyone really surprised? As one of the best reporters in the business, it's probably not the first time he's had to get a little sneaky to get a story. Of course, he probably prefers not to get caught -- but that's just the way it goes sometimes.

As for Kyrie, whatever he was doing in those team workouts seems to have paid off, as his performance in the preseason opener was nothing short of spectacular. We'll see if it will carry over into the regular season and beyond.