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Kyrie Irving Says He Wants To Retire In His “Early To Mid-30s


Father Time gets the best of all of us eventually.

For Uncle Drew, well, he’ll be clocking out faster than Father Time can get to him.

In a real quote by Boston Celtics’ guard Kyrie Irving, he says he hopes to call it quits by his “early to mid-thirties.”

Right now, Kyrie is still just 26, and he’s due to sign a 5-year max extension with the Celtics this summer. That would put him at around 31 when he hits the open market again.

By then, he’ll be just about ready to retire if we are to take his words here seriously.

We’ve seen this type of mentality before. It’s no strange thing to want to leave on a good note, without having to let the world watch your game fizzle out.

Of course, we have seen the opposite as well, with guys like Dirk, Vince, Ginobili, and Duncan choosing to stick around until they were 40.

Nevertheless, Irving doesn’t have plans to father a bunch of young rookies when he’s 40. He’ll be fathering his own kids, on his own terms, far away from basketball.

And that’s just fine. Not everybody can be Dirk, right?