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Kyrie Irving Says He Was Too Young To Lead Cleveland


So much was made of Kyrie Irving's departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He was seen as the Cavs' ambassador and was supposed to keep the team afloat in the wake of LeBron's departure. Before even LeBron got there though, Kyrie was called to lead the Cavs to success. He failed though, as the team continued to earn themselves lottery picks.

Uncle Drew may have a reason as to why he was never able to lead the team to glory without The King (via Souza):

They didn't hand me the keys there. They shouldn't have. I was too young. I had to learn to be a leader. I'd compete, but had to learn how to be competed against.

Now, with some serious NBA experience under his belt, Irving knows what it takes to be an effective leader in the NBA. Did the Cavs cost themselves by thinking he could do the same for them?

Question now, is if his "leadership" in Boston will be enough to pull them over the top.