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Kyrie Irving Shares A Series Of Tweets Reminding People How Hard It's To Become An NBA Player: "Our World Attempts To Downplay The Fact That It’s A Rare Case To Make It To The League, Let Alone Dominate."

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Kyrie Irving is no longer on the news for his back and forth with the Brooklyn Nets or the prior off-court issues he faced last season. The talented point guard is ready to move on and help Kevin Durant win a championship next season, but that hasn't prevented them from stirring the pot on social media. 

As he usually does, Kyrie woke up ready to share some wisdom with the world, but instead of talking about finding the right people for you, trying to destroy science or something like that, the 2016 NBA champion talked about how difficult it is to become an NBA player and even more, becoming a superstar. 

Irving took to Twitter to explain to people how few chances there are for somebody to make it to the NBA and WNBA, doing some math and recalling that his father tried to warn him about having a second plan if his initial one failed. 

is it true there have only been a little over 5,500 total individuals ever (4,502 Men, ~1,000 Women) that played in the NBA/WNBA at least one minute?

🤷🏾‍♂️our world attempts to downplay the fact that it’s a RARE case to make it to the league, let alone dominate.


My Dad told me at a young age,

I had a 1 in 3,333 percent chance (.03%) of making it to the NBA and that I should have back up plans for my life regardless if it happened or not. I am grateful he told me the truth because With or without basketball, I know myself.


Fortunately for Kyrie, he did make it to the NBA, becoming one of the most spectacular and entertaining players out there. Even though his off-court antics have granted him a lot of criticism, nobody denies that Irving is an incredible talent who can impact the game in different ways. 

This might be a reminder to young hoopers that they need to put everything into their dream, but it also implies that even if they do so, it's not 100% sure they will make it to the big leagues.