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Kyrie Irving Signing With ROC Nation Indicates He Will Sign With The Brooklyn Nets



After deciding not to opt into his contract with the Celtics, and posting a cryptic message on Instagram, Kyrie Irving has been making waves about his upcoming free agency.

Will he stay with Boston? Will he go to the Knicks? Will he join LeBron in Los Angeles? One of his most recent moves may indicate that the star point guard is actually headed to Brooklyn this summer.

Kyrie changed his representation to ROC Nation Sports. While their mentality of player empowerment seems to fit Irving's mold, the organization's President, Michael Yoarmark also happens to be Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yoarmark’s twin brother.

While that fact in itself is not proof he is headed to the Nets, it is one heck of a coincidence. At the very least, we can say it will play a factor when it is time for him to choose his team in July.

The problem for the Nets is D'Angelo Russell, who will be a restricted free agent as well this summer. With KD out and recovering from a torn Achilles, do the Nets want to bring in Irving by himself when they already have a young point guard of their own? They will have to make that decision in the coming weeks as free agency prepares to kick off next month.