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Kyrie Irving To James Harden: "You’re The Point Guard. I’m The Shooting Guard.”

James Harden Wants Kyrie Irving To Return, Says He Is A Big Part Of What Makes The Nets Scary

(via Complex)

In 9 seasons, James Harden led the Houston Rockets to admirable success in the West. He was their star, leader, and offensive orchestrator. He had the ball in his hands.

When he was traded to Brooklyn last month, it came with a lot of doubt that he'd be able to appropriately adjust his offensive game.

But, just a few games in, and it seems the team is welcoming Harden's skill set and what he brings to the table. Following Brooklyn's 134-117 victory against the Warriors, in which the Beard had 16 assists, Kyrie Irving apparently handed him the reigns as the floor general.

Obviously, Harden has always been a world-class distributor. After being the main ball handler for almost a decade, he had plenty of opportunities to master that art.

But, most importantly, Kyrie seems to be willing to let Harden do his thing. For a team with so many moving parts, and stars who still need to figure out how to work together, that's exactly the thing you want to hear.