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Kyrie Irving Warns The Rest Of The NBA Amid Nets' Losing Streak: "The League’s Going To Be On Notice When We Turn That Corner.”

(via beIN Sports)

(via beIN Sports)

Despite the Brooklyn Nets' current three-game losing streak, Kyrie Irving is confident that his team can get the job done and turn things around to become the competitive squad they aspire to be this campaign. Kyrie and the Nets lost to the Detroit Pistons, 122-111 on Tuesday, marking the first time they've lost three consecutive games this season.

Irving talked with the media after the game and explained what the team needs to do to improve their level and win the games they need to win to reach the postseason. The 2016 NBA champion issued a big warning for the rest of the NBA, claiming that the Nets will be a menace for the rest of the league in no time.

“As a warrior that I am, and the energy that I have alongside my teammates, we just have to turn that corner. We haven’t done it yet, but we will. I’m telling you, the league’s going to be on notice when that happens.”

Kyrie did admit that the team didn't look like one with two superstars in him and James Harden (Kevin Durant is still sidelined), saying they looked "average" against the Jerami Grant-led Detroit Pistons.

“I don’t think that we go out every single day of our lives and sacrifice the time in order to be average at anything. We look very average, and we have the talent that the eye test presents that we should be dominating,” he said.

They need to step up, as the picture doesn't look that promising for them. After their defeat to Detroit, Brooklyn is 7-11 against teams with records below .500, the most such losses in NBA this campaign.

Something needs to change for this team if they want to have success this year. Kyrie is always talking and taking responsibility for his team's failures and that's a good signal, but if the entire squad doesn't step up, it will be hard for this team to accomplish everything they want to accomplish this season.