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Kyrie Irving: “We’re The Team That Gets Someone Taken Out During COVID. We’re The Team That Has To Deal With The Refs. We’re The Team That Is Battling Against So Many Odds.”

(via Inc)

(via Inc)

With his Nets enduring a 3-game losing streak, Kyrie Irving let his frustration show on Tuesday, citing COVID, the refs, and other nameless enemies as the reason for their underperformance this season.

It is true that the Nets have had a lot of things against them during this campaign. COVID has been a major threat, as has the chemistry they lost in the James Harden trade. As the NBA's new "big three," they are walking around with a target on their back, and that much is undeniable It is also true, though, that the Nets haven't been the only ones undergoing hardship. Every team in the league has faced issues this season pertaining to COVID and poor officiating. It's just the way things go. So for Kyrie to suggest that the Nets somehow have it worse than everyone else was not a good move for his public image, as fans looked upon the quote with bewilderment.

It seems like every week Kyrie says something that sparks outrage from the public. At this point, being controversial may be part of his persona.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the Nets are able to respond to all of this. Will they get things together and be as good as their roster suggests they can be? Or will they crumble under the challenges this season is presenting them?

We'll find out soon enough.