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Kyrie Irving Will Be Allowed To Practice At Home With The Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving Gives Hilarious Response To Fan Who Says He Can Lock Him Up

Kyrie Irving's name has been talked about a lot in recent memory, mostly because of the possibility that he would be forced to miss 41 home games for the Brooklyn Nets. That is due to New York laws preventing Kyrie Irving from playing due to him being unvaccinated for COVID-19.

There is no question that it would be a hit for the Brooklyn Nets if Kyrie Irving were to miss any games, let alone 41. He is an All-NBA caliber point guard who helps the Brooklyn Nets have the potent offense that they did last season.

However, the Brooklyn Nets have recently received a little bit of positive news regarding the Kyrie Irving situation. Shams Charania has recently revealed that Kyrie Irving will be able to practice at home, with the Brooklyn Nets. But as of now, he will not be able to participate in games. 

It's good to see that Kyrie Irving can officially practice in Brooklyn. It remains to be seen what Kyrie Irving will do regarding his situation. Hopefully, Kyrie Irving and the team will be able to figure things out soon, and previously. The regular season is coming up, and the Brooklyn Nets are a better team with him than without him.

Teammate James Harden has stated that he'd like Kyrie Irving to return, as he is a large part of what makes the Nets "scary". Brooklyn Nets will certainly feel the same, as they've seen how great the team is when all three of their stars are when they are fully healthy and playing. There's no question that the Brooklyn Nets are one of the best superteams in the league. 

Even without Irving, they could be considered a contender, simply because James Harden and Kevin Durant are on the roster. However, Kyrie Irving is what makes them unstoppable, and perhaps we'll end up seeing him suit up for the Nets after all.